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The Symposium will take place at the University of Oregon’s White Stag Block, 70 NW Couch Street, Portland, Oregon, USA. As part of Portland’s historic Old Town Chinatown district, the White Stag Block is within convenient walking distance to public transportation.

Getting There:

From the airport: take MAX light rail (Red Line) to the Skidmore Fountain station which is located at the White Stag Block. There is no longer a “fare less” zone in Portland so you will need to purchase MAX tickets at the kiosk with cash, credit card, or ahead of time via your smartphone (

From Hotel Modera: a 20-minute walk (on streets or along the river) or 14-minute MAX ride to the White Stag Block.

By car: the closest SmartPark is the Naito and Davis garage located at 33 NW Davis (1 block away from the White Stag)–check their website for rates. There are also other small lots in the area. The lots fill quickly,  please allow at least 15 minutes after reaching downtown Portland to park and get to White Stag.

White Stag Building at Northwest Naito Parkway and West Burnside Street is the largest and most industrial in character with its simplified brick and concrete façade. It was designed and built in 1907 as a manufacturing and warehouse building for the Willamette Tent and Awning Company. Max A. Hirsch—nephew of Aaron Meier of Meier & Frank—was the president at the time. When the building was constructed, the entrance faced West Burnside. During the building of the new bridge, the entire south façade was shaved off. The original wood windows were replaced with large steel-sash windows, a fifth floor was added, and the main entrance was moved to the east.

For more historical information of White Stag Building