Past Symposia

NEXT: 2020 Reynolds Symposium: AALTO: LIGHT, September 25–26, 2020, Portland and Mt. Angel Abbey

Reynolds Symposium Series

2019 Reynolds Symposium: Education by Design, October 2019, to gather significant and innovative pedagogical work from national and international scholars and practitioners. Several documents and videos links are provided below.

PORTLAND DECLARATION: 2019 Reynolds Symposium attendees in a wrap-up plenary session at the end of the symposium discussed efforts to effect change by looking forward; a key point of focus was the proposed change in NAAB accreditation criteria. The Declaration states that sustainability should be a major component of the NAAB program accreditation criteria and strongly recommends that those graduating from architecture schools be exposed to and demonstrate the ability to engage in design integration, design synthesis, building integration, sustainability (as embodied by the AIA COTE Top Ten/Framework for Design Excellence), and environmental stewardship values.  Download full document below.

Sent to:

  • NAAB to address the accreditation review process currently underway
  • AIA leadership
  • AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE)
  • AIA Sustainability Leadership Group

Articles picking up the Declaration:

PROCEEDINGS: 2019 Reynolds Symposium: Education by Design Proceedings is available for download below. Stay tuned, the papers will also be archived on The University of Oregon Scholar’s Bank

2015 Reynolds Symposium: May 16–17, 2015 celebrating the work, influence, and contributions of Professor John Reynolds.

2017 Festschrift Event: the Reynolds fund partially supported a Festschrift Event “Transforming Architecture,”  in May 2017,  honoring Professor G.Z. “Charlie Brown” organized by the Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory (ESBL).